How Professional Roofers Prevent Moss and Algae Growth in Woodinville

prevent moss and algaeThe growth of moss and algae on your roof can become a serious issue in Woodinville, Washington. While it may appear like a lovely addition, professional roofers know these plants are actually a roof maintenance nightmare. After prolonged exposure, your roof shingles will crack due to moisture retention. At the very least, you’ll require roof repair. If the damage isn’t caught early enough, however, roof replacement may be necessary. Fortunately, professional roofers recommend some ways to prevent these potentially damaging plants from growing. Keep the following suggestions in mind for your roof in Woodinville.

Clean Your Gutters

As a homeowner, it’s a good idea to clean out your home’s gutters on a regular basis. Professional roofers say this is particularly important if you have large trees nearby because leaves may cause blockages. Without proper gutter care, the trapped moisture creates the perfect growing conditions for moss and algae.

Keep Tree Branches Trimmed

It’s also important to keep any nearby tree branches trimmed. Moss loves shade and moisture. Have a roofing professionals assess your home’s proximity to trees and cut back any branches that prevent sunlight from hitting your roof top.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

Another important way to prevent moss and algae growth is to schedule regular cleanings with a roofing contractor. This will remove any current growth and discourage the development of greenery in the future. Roofing professionals can also install zinc strips to help kill off moss and algae.

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